Why does ShortPixel make a lot of MySQL queries? Should I worry?

The short answer is: NO! :-)

When you're using a WordPress pluing like Query Monitor you may notice many queries made by ShortPixel

While the number of queries may seem like a lot this shouldn't worry you and here's why:

  • unless you explicitly choose to have the image optimization triggered in the front end as well, the queries are only ran when visiting the /wp-admin page with a user role that allows image optimization
  • the queries are run only when on certain pages that are related to images or ShortPixel settings
  • the queries are highly optimized and sometimes there are many of them because otherwise, having less queries, would mean that the impact on MySQL and server memory would be bigger
  • most of the queries are executed either when Bulk ShortPixel is running or when some new images where added and the image optimization process is automatically triggered

Also, if you have an old website and your database tables are using MyISAM (which can cause some performance issues), you should convert the tables to InnoDB.

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