Why do I receive the message "Could not download file"?

When you are optimizing an image with ShortPixel Image Optimizer, you may receive the message "Could not download file". There are five main reasons why this message is displayed:

  • You've installed the ShortPixel plugin on a password protected website (with HTTP authentication) and you need to also provide the credentials before the ShortPixel cloud can access and optimize the images. Please go to Settings > ShortPixel and then in the Advanced tab make sure you fill in the right credentials in the section "HTTP AUTH credentials". Important: you must not enter here your WordPress admin credentials; that's different than HTTP authentication

  • The image(s) are inaccessible by our plugin. Please whitelist our IPs from your firewall, server and CDN.
  • The image(s) are publicly inaccessible. This is very easy to check: open your image on a Incognito/Private window and check if you can see them. If not, then we recommend you to contact your hosting provider so they can further assist you.
  • Sometimes the images are not actually images. If that's the case, the website returns an HTML file with HTTP code 200 (which means "everything OK") but ShortPixel will fail to optimize. If you are sure the file you are trying to optimize is an image, in our experience usually this happens when there are some firewall restrictions in Cloudflare. Here is a guide on how to debug.
  • Other times it is simply that your hosting resources have been exhausted. This usually happens on shared hosting providers, where the resources are very low. Try stopping the optimization and re-try it in a few minutes.

If that doesn't help, please have a look at the following article and make sure all is in order: None of my images were optimized, why is that?

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