None of my images were optimized, why is that?

Most of the time, the cause is one of these:

  • you're trying to optimize images on a localhost installation. Currently ShortPixel doesn't work on such websites.
  • your website employs a firewall or a security plugin that doesn't allow our Image Optimization Cloud to access your website's images. Make sure you whitelist our IPs, see here the updated list of IPs.
  • some plugins add lines to the .htaccess file and because of this our servers aren't allowed to access your website's images. You can easily test if that's your case by temporarily moving .htaccess to .htaccess_test and see if ShortPixel Image Optimization starts to work.
  • you have set up different restrictive security rules on Cloudflare. Make sure you whitelist our IPs (see here) and also make sure there are no country based restrictions for Germany (this is where our servers are located).
  • your website and images are password protected. If your site (front-end) is not publicly accessible and visitors need a user/pass to connect to it, then go to the plugin's settings - Advanced tab and add the credentials in the HTTP Auth field.
  • the hotlink protection is enabled and your site doesn't allow our servers to directly access the images.
  • The WP Hide plugin rewrites the URLs of our ShortPixel image optimization plugin, preventing it from compressing the pictures. You could either deactivate it or try to remove the ShortPixel related rules from its settings.
  • one of your (recently) activated plugin conflicts with ShortPixel. Try to deactivate your latest added plugin and see if this solves the issue. 
  • sometimes a new theme can conflict with ShortPixel. You may want to temporary revert to an old/default WordPress theme and see if this makes a difference.

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