GTMetrix/Google PageSpeed Insights complain about some images, why is that?

If GTMetrix, GPSI or any other web tool complained about one or more images on your website not being optimized after you ran ShortPixel Image Optimization tool here are some common reasons why this is happening:

  1. The image was optimized but it is not properly sized for its placeholder.
    For example for a 100x100px placeholder a 400x400px image is used. It makes no sense to attempt to optimize the image more, you just need to resize it.
    As possible solutions you can resize the image in your WordPress and use the appropriately sized thumbnail. Or you can try our Adaptive Images plugin, it was specifically designed for such cases.
  2. The image was optimized but it still retains its EXIF data
    Some speed testing websites will complain about an image not being optimized enough but they usually remove the EXIF data (which can take up to 8% of the image size). If you choose to keep the EXIF data then you can safely ignore this message. 
  3. The image was optimized and it still retains its color profile
    Speed testing websites will generally remove the color profile data from images. ShortPixel chooses to keep this data as otherwise the image's colors may look altered on different browsers. You can safely ignore this kind of warnings as well.

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