Why are my images redirected from cdn.shortpixel.ai?

There are generally 5 possible reasons why you notice that an image, instead of being served from ShortPixel CDN, it is served from the original location (after a temporary redirect, HTTP code 302)

  1. many times there is a firewall preventing ShortPixel servers from accessing the images on the original website. The solution is to whitelist ShortPixel's IPs as described here. This applies also to websites using Cloudflare.
  2. the files aren't publicly accessible because they are on a website hosted on an intranet, the website is password protected or there are .htaccess defined rules (usually for anti-hotlinking). The solution is to have the website hosted on the Internet, remove the password protection and make sure there are no .htaccess rules that may prevent ShortPixel API from accessing the images.
  3. the first time an image is accessed, it will be registered for being processed by ShortPixel but for the customer not to wait a few seconds, the original image is immediately sent back via a HTTP redirect. After a few seconds the optimized, CDN hosted image should start showing up.
  4. there are no more image optimization credits in the account associated with the website where ShortPixel Adaptive Images is installed. The solution is to purchase more credits.
  5. if there are enough credits in your account then most likely the domain/website where you're using SPAI is not associated with your account. Please associate the domain to your account and the images should start be served by ShortPixel CDN.

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