In Enable Media Replace the image isn't replaced. Why?

Almost always the image/file is actually replaced when using Enable Media Replace (EMR) but because of cache the new image/file cannot be seen.
It's very easy to check whether that's your case by trying to directly access the URL of an image after adding "?anything" at the end of the URL. Please, note that after "?" you can add any random string you want and this trick is used to bypass any caching from your browser to the file.

For example, if the URL of your image is:
and you add "?random" at the end, it will look like this:

If you see the same image when you access the two URLs, then there is probably an issue with file permissions and you may want to check that. Another possible cause is a bug in EMR, so we advise you try to downgrade the plugin and then contact us.

If the images you see using the technique described above are different (you can see the old one and the new one) then there is definitely a caching problem and not a problem with the EMR.

There can be different types of cache along the way from your browser to your website, so we suggest you:

  • empty the browser's cache
  • if you're using Cloudflare, flush the caching there as well
  • check out this article on how to empty your WordPress' cache
  • sometimes, we noticed that there is also a server-side cache active and none of the steps above will actually flush the cache. If you feel this could be your case, then please contact your hosting provider, show them the two URLs and ask them for their support.
  • if you are using Jetpack's site accelerator component for images, disable it (it caches your images) and try ShortPixel Adaptive Images instead.

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