Possible Cloudflare issues and suggestions on how to address them

ShortPixel Image Optimization plugin works well with Cloudflare, but if you encounter issues while using them together, please check these suggestions:

1. Firewall, Rate limiting, and Security level sections

Please login to your Cloudflare account and check the Firewall, Rate limiting, and Security level sections and see if the current settings could prevent our servers to access your site.

Here is the Cloudflare documentation regarding the Rate limiting.https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/235240767-Cloudflare-Rate-Limiting

Firewall: Make sure you whitelist our IPs (see here) and also make sure there are no country based restrictions for Germany (this is where our servers are located).

And here are the Cloudflare settings section that we suggest you to check:

2.  Remove the security captcha

In some cases, we found that there is a security Captcha that needs to be deactivated in the Cloudflare account otherwise our Optimization cloud won't be able to access the images

3. Add your Cloudflare details in the plugin dedicated section.

Add your Cloudflare details in the corespondent tab from the ShortPixel plugin settings.

4. Cloudflare and WebP delivery

Cloudflare premium has a WebP delivery solution, but if you have the free subscription, please note that it may prevent your WebP files from being served.

A good alternative to the paid WebP delivery option in Cloudflare is to use our new image optimization plugin ShortPixel Adaptive Images.
Here you can find more details about how ShortPixel Adaptive Images (SPAI) compares to ShortPixel Image Optmizer (SPIO).

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