ShortPixel shows that I have 500 images but in Media Library I only have 100 images, how come?

ShortPixel counts each image and thumbnail separately.
That means that if you have 100 images but each image has 4 associated thumbnails you'll have a total of 500 images that ShortPixel can optimize. Please note that sometimes, depending on the themes/plugins installed you can have even 50 (sic!) or more thumbnails associated with each image. In that case ShortPixel will count 5000 thumbnails and 100 images = 5100 images&thumbnails that can be optimized!

If you consider that you don't need to optimize all the thumbnails and some of them should be skipped then you can use this option in ShortPixel Image Optimizer

Please note that 500 and 100 figures above are just an example but the rule works in general for any WordPress installation.

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