Enable Media Replace - GDPR info

Here's a number of GDPR-related questions and their answers for Enable Media Replace (EMR) plugin:

Q: What is the company address?
A: ID SCOUT SRL, RO33198401, Str. Transilvaniei 2, Et 5, Ap 19, Bucharest, Romania

Q: What is the general purpose of using EMR on a website?
A: On WordPress websites it can be used to easily replace images and other type of files inside Media Library

Q: What kind of user's personal data is processed by your plugin when a user visits the website where EMR is installed?
A: No such data is processed or accessed by EMR. Consequently no data is saved or sent to ID SCOUT SRL's servers.

Q: Does EMR use cookies?
A: No, it doesn't use any cookies.

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