Setup your StackPath account so that it can work with ShortPixel Adaptive Images' API

Here are the steps needed to set up your StackPath account to work with ShortPixel Adaptive Images' API.

  1. If not done yet, create an account on StackPath.
  2. On "My Default Stack", select the "CDN" stack and then "Settings".
  3. Use the IP for "Address".
  4. For "Host Header" you can use your domain.
  5. On the "Cache Handling" section choose these settings:

    The rest of the settings should be left as they are by default.

  6. Creat a new CNAME and change the API URL according to this article: Can I use a different CDN with ShortPixel Adaptive Images?. This CNAME should not point to "" like the article suggests, but to your Site's Edge Address, which will look similar to "".

StackPath has created a very explanatory article too, located here:

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