"Too many inaccessible URLs from the same domain" - what is this?

If some of the images were optimized and at one point ShortPixel stops optimizing and then the error "Too many inaccessible URLs from the same domain" appears, then it could be because:

  • your hosting resources were exceeded. Check out this article for a solution.
  • you have a firewall or a CDN setting that prevents multiple connections to your website from the same IP address. Please check again if you whitelisted our IP addresses on your security plugins, firewall, hosting and/or CDN. We'd suggest to check this with your hosting too.

There are situations when whitelisting the IPs is not enough, because some hosting services block the ports we need in order to access your images. We recommend you to contact your host and ask them to allow "api.shortpixel.com" access on HTTP (port 80) or HTTPS (port 443).

For other possible reasons, we'd recommend you to take a look at this article: None of my images were optimized, why is that?

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