I optimized already all the images but then I realized that I didn't select the option to generate WebP, what can I do?

If you optimized all the images on your website with ShortPixel Image Optimizer in the past then there are a few options available to you:

  1.  if you still have your original images (you used ShortPixel backup option) then you could just restore all the images, select the option to generate WebP images as well and the bulk-optimize all the images once again. 
  2. if you do not have the original images for some reason then:
    1. go to Media/Bulk ShortPixel and there click on "Bulk Delete SP Metadata"
    2. select lossless optimization & also the option to generate WebP images 
    3. run again Bulk ShortPixel
  3. an alternative option if you don't have the original images is to give our new ShortPixel Adaptive Images a try:

    1. install this new plugin
    2. select the lossless or glossy option
    3. you're all set :-)

If you try to better understand the differences between the 2 plugins here's an explanation: https://shortpixel.helpscoutdocs.com/article/179-shortpixel-adaptive-images-vs-shortpixel-image-optimizer

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