I already used SPIO for image optimization, what settings should I use with SPAI?

If you already optimized all your website's images using ShortPixel Image Optimizer (SPIO) and now you consider using ShortPixel Adaptive Images (SPAI) you may wonder what would be the appropriate image optimization setting?

There are 2 main approaches here depending on your website:

  • if you do not add new images to your website then you can just use the Lossless setting inside SPAI and this way the images will be served form ShortPixel CDN while having the same quality.
  • if you constantly add new images to your website then there are 2 possible approaches:
    • if you optimized the images as Lossless or Glossy or you can afford to have the images optimized 2 times then you could just use Glossy or Lossy with SPAI plugin.
    • if you already used Lossy with SPIO then using anything other than Lossless with SPAI could make the images look a bit blurry. And using Lossless means that the newly added images won't be optimally optimized. The solution in this case is to restore the images optimized already with SPIO and then choose the appropriate image optimization setting in SPAI, e.g. Lossy or Glossy.
      Please note that this means the images will be optimized again and additional credits will be used.


In addition to the optimization setting, if you want to serve your images as WebP, you need to disable it on SPIO and enable it on SPAI.

  1. Go to Settings > ShortPixel > Advanced > WebP Images and disable Deliver the WebP versions of the images in the front-end.
  2. Got to Settings > ShortPixel AI > General and enable WebP Support.

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