Why do I get "Enable Gzip Compression" error with GTMetrix?

If you're using Autoptimize plugin with the option to have the images optimized by ShortPixel you may sometime notice this error when testing your website with GTMetrix:

The cause for this is that Autoptimize plugin uses a technique called "low quality placeholder" which will display a blurred version of the original image, for example:

This image is a SVG file (basically plain text) that is very small, usually under 1KB.
While ideally this file would be served by the webserver in its compressed version, there is a technical limitation that prevents ShortPixel from doing this: a compressed version of this image cannot have the Etag HTTP header served.
So we chose to have the files served with their ETag header instead of sending the compressed version of these files which are anyway very small.

Our suggestion is to ignore this message from GTMetrix as these SVG images are already around 1K and compressing them would only save a few KBs. 

As an alternative you could just deactivate this option in Autoptimize and the GTMetrix error should disappear:

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