The online image compressor is adding a number to the filename, why?

If you happen to upload some image files to our online image optimizer, and the optimized file is returned with a trailing number, this has an easy explanation: it is a technical and privacy measure.

For example, say you upload an image called "example.jpg". During the next minutes, any image uploaded with the same name will have a suffix added. So, if another user uploads, after you, another image called "example.jpg" from their computer, they will download it as "example_1.jpg". Otherwise, they would download your image.

In the same way, if you have multiple images called "example.jpg" on your computer and you upload them all at the same time, the downloads will be called "example_1.jpg", "example_2.jpg", and so on.

To avoid this behavior, you have 2 solutions:

  1. Wait a few minutes between uploads.
  2. Rename your files to something different and unique to each file before uploading.
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