Can I use my own WebP files with ShortPixel Image Optimizer?

Yes, with some caveats.

As you know, ShortPixel Image Optimizer can create WebP files when your media library is being optimized. In addition, you can also deliver them to the compatible browsers: How to serve WebP files using SPIO.

If you have your own WebP files and would want ShortPixel to deliver them, you just need to activate one of ShortPixel's WebP delivery options and then put your WebP files in the same folder as your original images with the same name (but different extension). For example:

However, since the WebP delivery is activated, the creation of WebP is also activated, therefore ShortPixel will create a WebP file for every image optimized, and that may overwrite your previously uploaded WebP files, which is something you'll want to take into account.

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