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What is ShortPixel? What is this deal? Why should I purchase it?

ShortPixel is one of the leading solutions in image optimization for your website, and the favorite service among WordPress developers and experts. If your images need to be compressed, you can trust ShortPixel.

This deal gives you the opportunity to get a lot of optimization credits and CDN traffic quota for a very low price.

How can I use this deal?

Once you get the coupon code from AppSumo, login to your account and redeem it on the section "Claim coupon/license key".

Afterwards, assuming you have a WordPress website, this deal can be used with 2 different products. One is the good old ShortPixel Image Optimizer (SPIO). The other one is ShortPixel Adaptive Images (SPAI) which is a newer plugin that addresses the image optimization problem in a different and simpler way.

To be clear, this is how your credits and CDN traffic quota will be used:

Is there a Shopify app?

Yes, though it wasn't yet officially listed in their repository. Please use this link to start using it.

Can I use this on Squarespace, Wix or Drupal?  Does ShortPixel works with other non-WordPress websites?

No, you cannot :-(. But you can use our online compressor or this other tool to (manually) optimize the images before uploading them to your site. 

We also have PHP based tools that can be used on any PHP-powered website to locally optimize your images. Learn more about this here.

If, on the other hand, you like what SPAI offers but your website is not WordPress-based, you can implement your own solution using our API. These two articles will be useful:


What is the difference between ShortPixel Adaptive Images and ShortPixel Image Optimizer? 

There is a good explanation here.

Do I need to install both ShortPixel plugins?

No, in most cases you only need one plugin and here's a bit about how one compares to the other so you make an informed decision.

Is there an "installation guide" for ShortPixel Adaptive Images (SPAI)?

Yes, there is one: Step-by-step guide to install and use ShortPixel Adaptive Images (SPAI)

Is there an "installation guide" for ShortPixel Image Optimizer (SPIO)?

Of course, here it is: Step-by-step guide to install and use ShortPixel Image Optimizer (SPIO)

I was already using ShortPixel Image Optimizer, but I'd like to start using SPAI. What should I do?

Have a look at this article, please: I already used SPIO for image optimization, what settings should I use with SPAI?

What images on a webpage are processed by ShortPixel Adaptive Images? 

SPAI optimizes and serves from our CDN all the images it can find on a web page. This includes images taken from a third party website (e.g. Pinterest, Instagram). Please note, though, that in some circumstances, some images (e.g. images served from IFRAMEs) won't be processed and served via CDN. Learn more here.

Why do I need to turn off the lazy load functionality in other themes/plugins? Can SPAI lazy load the images instead?

ShortPixel Adaptive Images (SPAI) uses its own lazy load functionality to be able to serve scaled images depending on the user's viewport. Having lazy load active in another theme/plugin conflicts with our plugin and that's why for SPAI to properly work you need to make sure you turn it off elsewhere.

Is ShortPixel Adaptive Images compatible with all page builders?

We extensively tested SPAI with all the major page builders and it works great. However, considering the great number of not only page builders but also different other plugins and possible interactions we cannot guarantee that it will work out-of-the-box in each single case. Thus we recommend you to test SPAI with your own environment and carefully check for any possible conflicts. If you notice anything not working well then please deactivate SPAI and contact us letting us know about the specifics of your configuration so we can assist you.

How do I connect the ShortPixel Adaptive Images plugin I'm running on my website with my ShortPixel account?

It is easy to do that, you just need to associate your domain (website) to your ShortPixel account.

Can I use a different CDN with ShortPixel Adaptive Images?

Sure you can, here's how to set this up.

What happens with WebP on browsers that do not support this image format?

ShortPixel Adaptive Images only serves WebP to the browsers that support this image format ( about 85% of the market). For the other browsers the original image format (e.g. JPG, PNG) will be returned.


Can we use the CDN traffic quota with Autoptimize plugin as well?

Yes! :-)

What is a CDN? What is it good for?

We have an easy-to-understand explanation here.

Can serving images from the ShortPixel CDN (or any third party CDN) be bad for the SEO?

No, it will actually be beneficial. Your images are "marked" as originating from your website via HTTP headers sent by our system. Search engines look at that header and will associate those images with your website even if the URL is pointing to ShortPixel CDN. You can learn more about this here and here.

How can I monitor my CDN consumption?

You can login to your account and go to the Dashboard menu, CDN Traffic section. Please notice that the section will only be visible if you previously associated your domain.

Alternatively, if you are using ShortPixel Adaptive Images, you can see your usage on the settings page (Settings > ShortPixel AI).

Can I create a custom URL when using your CDN via ShortPixel Adaptive Images?

If you are using ShortPixel Adaptive Images, you have probably noticed that the URLs of your images look like this:,h_400,q_lossy,ret_wait/

You can always change that by using a different CDN together with ShortPixel Adaptive Images. If you don't use another CDN, you can set up one with Cloudflare and its free plan! Learn more about this here.


How many codes can I stack up in a single account?

You can purchase and redeem up to 5 codes from the AppSumo 2020 deal in a single ShortPixel account.

I’ve been using ShortPixel via the AppSumo deal I got in 2017, 2018 or 2019. To get this deal would I need to purchase a new code?

Yes, you need to purchase a new code because it includes different (and better!) features.

Can I use the credits or the CDN traffic on multiple websites?

Yes, the credits and the CDN traffic can be used on as many websites as you want.

How much is 125 GB? How do I know it is enough for my website? 

125 GB is quite a lot! :-) We cannot tell you for sure whether it is enough for your website/month but you can estimate it yourself easily. Considering that an average webpage contains 1 MB of images then you could theoretically have 100,000 page views per month without exceeding your monthly quota. And if the images of your site weren't optimized yet then it is even better; if the images are optimized by 50% on average by SPAI then you could have the images served for 200,000 page views per month with the same 100 GB bandwidth!

From our observations, 125 GB of monthly CDN traffic is enough for more than 95% of the internet websites.

Can I stack this new deal over the previous one? Do I need to create a new account?

Yes, you can stack up the new codes (maximum 5) with the previous codes from 2019, 2018 and 2017, and you can do this with your current account, no need to create a new one.

So, for example, you can have in the same account

  • 5 codes from AppSumo 2020 (the current deal)
  • 2 codes from AppSumo 2019
  • 1 code from AppSumo 2018
  • 3 codes from AppSumo 2017
I bought a code in the past, so if I buy another one now, how much ShortPixel CDN traffic will I get?

If you purchased a deal back in 2017 or 2018, you will get 125 GB because those past deals did not have any CDN traffic included. Therefore you get the 125 monthly GB included with the current deal.

If you purchased the deal in 2019, your ShortPixel CDN quota will be 225 GB because you can stack up coupons (100 GB from the 2019 deal + 125 GB from the 2020 deal), but please note that you can also use a third party CDN and then only your image optimization credits will be counted each month: Can I use a different CDN with ShortPixel Adaptive Images?

I bought a code back in 2017 or 2018, when no monthly CDN quota was included. Can I still use ShortPixel Adaptive Images?

Any Sumo-ling that bought a deal in the past can still use their lifetime credits with ShortPixel Adaptive Images but they need to use their own CDN (e.g. Cloudflare). We believe this is an excellent deal as it takes 5 minutes to set this up with the free Cloudflare plan, and you don't need to buy a new deal to do that.

Another option is to purchase one-time credits using the special double-up bonus available for you as a previous AppSumo code buyer. With them you'll continue to be able to use SPAI with our CDN.
1 image optimization credit equals 5MB of traffic so a $9.99/10K one-time plan will give you access to 50GB of extra CDN traffic.

What happens when the CDN traffic quota is exceeded?

When the monthly allotted traffic is exceeded then ShortPixel Adaptive Images will start serving your locally hosted images instead of the optimized CDN-hosted images, until next month, when your monthly quota will be reset.

In case you exceed your monthly quota and you can't wait until it gets reset, you can always purchase one-time credits with the double-up bonus already applied to your account as an AppSumo deal buyer, and those credits will be used only when the monthly CDN traffic included in your deal is exceeded. Please note that 1 image optimization credit equals 5 MB of CDN traffic so a $9.99/20K one-time plan will give you access to 100 GB of extra CDN traffic.

Are the unused credits or CDN quota accumulative?

No, the unused credits or unused CDN quota will not transfer to the next month.

If I use my own CDN with SPAI, will that also spend my monthly CDN quota?

No, if you use your own CDN while using SPAI, you will not make use of your monthly CDN quota. You will only use 1 credit per every image size optimized by ShortPixel.


I already have an active monthly subscription and I can't redeem my AppSumo code

Unfortunately it is not possible to have both a monthly subscription and an AppSumo lifetime deal in the same account. If you already have a regular monthly subscription, you can

I just redeemed my code(s) and my account has less credits than expected. Where are all my credits?

First, make sure you are logged into the correct account. We have observed that sometimes, our clients have more than one account on ShortPixel and the credits were redeemed on the second account.

You should also check your subaccounts. If you have allocated credits to your subaccounts, then they will not show up in your main account.

More questions?

Take a look at our knowledge base! Here you can find all details about ShortPixel Image Optimizer and here more answers for ShortPixel Adaptive Images.

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