ShortPixel Adaptive Images - How are the credits counted?

ShortPixel Adaptive Images processes, optimize, and serves images on the fly via a fast CDN with a global presence.

To process an image, a ShortPixel Adaptive Images credit (or API call) is used. Processing an image means smart-cropping (if chosen), resizing, and optimization. Once the image was processed, it is stored for 30 days on the ShortPixel servers and it can be served, via CDN, an unlimited number of times during these 30 days.
Once 30 days have passed since the image was first processed, it will be dropped from storage and a new credit will be used to process it again.

Both one-time and monthly credits can be used to optimize images.

Here are some examples:

Example 1
A simple one-page website with a total of 20 images. The visitors are coming from 3 different viewports requiring 3 different thumbnail sizes to be automatically generated for each of the 20 images.
A total of 60 credits will be used each month and there is no need to purchase any plan as the monthly free plan of 100 images is enough to cover the monthly used credits.

Example 2
A small website with 1,000 images, viewed by visitors from 4 different viewports. This means 4 different thumbnails will be automatically generated for each image so it can perfectly accommodate the 4 different viewports. Each thumbnail will be generated, optimized, and stored when it is first accessed (by a visitor or by Googlebot, for example). If an older post isn't accessed then no image optimization credit will be used. Up to 4,000 image optimization credits will be needed monthly regardless of how many times the images are accessed. A "SHORT" $4.99 monthly plan will suffice.

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