Using ShortPixel Image Optimizer with Cloudflare's API Token

Starting with ShortPixel Image Optimizer version 4.15.5, in order to use the more secure Cloudflare API Token, you can now use it in ShortPixel's Image Optimizer's settings instead of the Global API Key and Cloudflare account e-mail:

To create a token that is suited for this, you need to grant it the Cache Purge permission. These are the steps to create such a token in your Cloudflare account:

1. In your account, go to My Profile in the top right:

2. Select API Tokens in the top section menu and then press the "Create Token" button:

3. Give the token a name, use the Custom setup (no need to select a template) and select Zone, Cache Purge and Edit in the three selectors below. If you don't see Edit, but instead you see Purge, that's fine:

4. Select  a specific zone and chose your domain name:

5. Press "Continue to Summary" and then "Create Token":

6. Use the token code in ShortPixel's settings. That's all! :-)

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