ShortPixel Adaptive Images vs. Cloudflare Polish & Mirage Services

Nobody likes waiting, especially website visitors on a slow-loading website. It’s 2020, and people shouldn’t be forced to suffer when trying to find information or make purchases. If they don’t get what they want when they want it, they’ll be more likely to bounce than convert (a.k.a. leave your website without purchasing, reading or doing what you want them to). It’s about time you fix that with a WordPress image optimization plugin.

Introducing ShortPixel Adaptive Images (or SPAI for short), while on the other side we have Cloudflare Polish & Mirage Services.
What sets those two apart? 
ShortPixel Adaptive Images Cloudflare Polish & Mirage
is a WordPress plugin is a service that comes with a Cloudflare paid plan
comes with 100 free credits per month is not free at all
serves optimized images every time
serves optimized images only if the page is cached on Cloudflare itself
is easy to configure inside WordPress needs you to login to Cloudflare to configure it
serves your images from our fast CDN needs you to pay first for Cloudflare to get a CDN with Polish & Mirage
has a support team that is fast, friendly and efficient will have you wait too much time for an answer (unless you pay more)
The verdict
ShortPixel Adaptive Images is definitely a winner. Give it a try!

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