How are the credits counted when using the Google Drive Optimization?

Note: video optimization is not available yet; it will be soon.

ShortPixel's Google Drive Optimization can optimize images, PDFs and videos straight from your ShortPixel account, and like the rest of ShortPixel products, to use it you just need to have some credits available. The counting system is very simple.

1 credit = 1 image or 5 MB

A credit is used each time our Google Drive Optimizer compresses an image or PDF by at least 5%. If we're not able to optimize an image by at least 5%, then no credit will be used! :-)

If you are optimizing a video, a credit will be used every 5 MB of initial size of video.


Say you optimize a folder with 10 images inside, where one of them can be compressed only 3% (very rare case). In addition, you have 2 videos with a size of 25 MB and 60 MB.

  • 9 images compressed more than 5%: 9 credits
  • 1 image compressed less than 5%: free
  • Video of 25 MB: 25/5 = 5 credits
  • Video of 60 MB: 60/5 = 12 credits
  • Total credits used: 26 credits
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