Optimize Dropbox images using Zapier and the ShortPixel App

In order to optimize your newly added Dropbox images with ShortPixel, you need first to click here to get an invitation.

After you receive the invitation and log into your Zapier account, you can create the integration following these steps:

  1. Select the Dropbox App and choose the Event "New File in Folder":

  2. Log into your Dropbox account:

  3. Choose the folder where your images are in, and select " No" under "Include File Contents":

  4. Test your trigger:

  5. Click on the " +" icon in the middle of step 1 and 2:

  6. Select " Filter" and you'll need to add the following fields:

  7. Continue to the next step. Make sure you see the ShortPixel App and Event like the following image, and continue:

  8. Sign in to ShortPixel, where you'll have to enter your API key:

  9. Put ShortPixel to work! Choose the desired settings:
    Under "File" you'll need to choose "Direct Media Link" and the rest of options can be set depending on your needs.
  10. Send a test to ShortPixel, and all should look good:
  11. It's time to upload the file back to Dropbox. For this, add a last step to your Zap. Choose the App Dropbox and the Event "Upload File":
  12. Choose your Dropbox account

  13. On the "Customize File" section, fill in the fields with the following parameters:
    - File: use the " File: (Exists but not shown)" return value.
    - Overwrite: " Yes"
    - Specifiy File Name: Use " File Name"
    - Specify File Extenstion: Use " File Ext"

  14. Test your Zap and that's it!

Now you can add files inside your Dropbox folder and they will be optimized with ShortPixel! In order to optimize your already present images, as a workaround you will need to move them back and forth, in order to fire the Dropbox's trigger.

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